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RHB Permits and Certificates on the Web

Database Last Updated 6/2/2023 7:30:22 AM

This Radiologic Health Branch searchable list provides the most up to date information on valid and current certificates and permits.  The searchable list will not display any certificates/permits that are not currently valid for any reason, or that have expired as of the last updated date indicated above.

A person who holds a valid and current certificate or permit must provide to the registered X-ray machine user, or the person designated by the user to receive the document, a copy of the individual’s certificate or permit.  It is the possession of a valid authorization, certificate, or permit that allows a person to use x-rays in the healing arts.  The Appearance of his or her name on this list verifies the current validity of any certificate/permit listed.

Regardless of the expiration date indicated on the RHB certificate/permit, a certificate or permit issued to a licentiate of the healing arts (MD, DO, DPM, DC, PA) is current and valid ONLY if the individual’s healing arts license is current and valid.  If the individual’s healing arts license expires BEFORE the expiration date indicated on the RHB certificate/permit, the RHB certificate/permit is INVALID pending renewal or reinstatement of the individual’s healing arts license.

New certificates and permits, and certificates and permits in renewal that are not listed may still be in the process of being updated.  If these certificates/permits do not appear, you should wait until the next business day.

If you discover a mistake or have concern about the validity of any certificate/permit, please click here to send an email to Radiologic Health Branch.  Please do not call the Radiologic Health Branch as sending an e-mail will allow us to respond more quickly to your message.

The Radiologic Health Branch searchable list may be printed and posted as a VALID TEMPORARY AUTHORIZATION, acceptable for the following conditions:

  1. During the hiring process.  Only valid as an authorization for the categories listed below and only until the valid certificate/permit arrives.
  2. During certificate/permit renewal processing.  The authorization is valid based upon the new expiration date and only while it is attached to the expired certificate/permit.

Please note that a certificate/permit may take up to 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

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